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23A Remote Battery

23A Remote Battery

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The GP 23AE 12V high voltage alkaline battery is built to provide excellent performance and operating life even in a wide range of temperature. They are considered to be the ideal batteries to power even the most advanced remote control systems since it has longer service life, high voltage and high performance, and absence of mercury. It is often used as a battery for Beninca TO.GO remotes, Apple transmitters, and also a number of other electronic devices.

Those who are looking for reliable battery to consistently work over long term, these GP batteries are your best bet. They are particularly designed to maintain a balanced power discharge over longer periods of time.

These lightweight batteries contain no mercury thus making them safe for the environment and home use. It has a longer shelf life of two years.

Signature Features:

  • Super Alkaline
  • 12 volts High Power, 23 Amperes
  • Uses: Car Remote Control, Lighters, Electronic Toys
  • Longer Life Alkaline Batteries


Dimensions: 28.5mm X 10.3mm

Nominal Voltage: 12 Volts

Typical weight: 8 grams

Typical Capacity: 55mAh to 6.0 Volts