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Apple 2 Remote

Apple 2 Remote

Regular price £35.70

Beninca’s Apple 2 remote is a self-learning rolling code two-channel transmitter that uses the 433.92MHz frequency. It is an extremely reliable remote controller that uses more than 18 billion code combinations for added security.

The remote comes with a surface mounted holder and 12V batteries. It has a working distance of up to 100 metres in open areas.

This stylish remote works best with the following Beninca transmitters:

  • I.O
  • Cupid
  • TO.GO 2WV
  • TO.GO 4WV
  • T2WV
  • T4WV

Also works with the following Beninca receivers (rolling code):

  • RR1WBV
  • RR2WBV
  • RR1WIV
  • RR2WIV
  • RR4WBV
  • RR4WBV24


Frequency: 433.92 MHz

Code: Rolling Code

Number of Code Combinations: up to 18 billion

Number of Channels: 2

Power Supply: 12Vdc

Range: over 100 metres in open area

The Apple 2 Remote is available in two-button and four-button variations and sells for £33.60 and £35.70, respectively.