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Battery Powered Wireless Photocells

Battery Powered Wireless Photocells

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Gate automation are made easier with the incorporation of photocells. They are the sensors that allow the receiver to detect light and trigger a chain of command that would open gates. They are often used in gate automation because they use low power, small, and are very easy to install.

This battery operated photocells are made even better by giving you the option to install a wireless photocell particularly in areas where you cannot use cables to the other side of the driveway.

It has a transmitter powered by a 24V circuit from the control panel. Its receiver is then powered by batteries of the photocells. There should be no worry on how often you should change batteries because an average battery life is about two years.

The kit includes a set of photocells with a transmitter and a receiver that has a range of up to 20 metres. It has an adjustment range of 180° in its vertical axis and 10° in its horizontal axis.


Power Supply: 12/24Vac/dc

Beam Range: Up to 20 metres

Batteries: 2 x AAA (LR03 of 1.5V)

Connection: Standard Analogue

These battery powered wireless infrared safety beams retails for only £60.00 from an original price of £85.00.