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Heavy Duty Electromechanical Underground Operator

DU.350NGE - for a gate leaf up to 4.0m
DU.35ONVE - for a gate leaf up to 3.0m

Encoder motor - 230v

Kit List
2 x DU.350 Underground Operators
2 x Foundation Boxes,
2 x Mech Stops
2 x Manual Release Mechanism
1 x BRAINY Control Panel
1 x PUPILLA Photocells
1 x AW 433.92Mhz Long Range Aerial
2 x TO.G02WV 2 Button Transmitters

The unique DU.350 Motor...
Our DU.350 motors offers a truly unique heavy duty electromechanical underground operator. The oversized moving components are sealed in a box, fully submerged in oil to offer maximum lubrication and cooling.
Ultimately the DU.350 oil bath means the high torque motor can offer you maximum duty cycle on larger swing gates, all the way up to 4m, 500KG.

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