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230v Hydraulic Ram

HYDRO is a wide range of hydraulic operators for intensive uses. Various versions are available which differ in many particular characteristics: • A chrome-plated steel rod, available in size 16 or 20 mm, and anodised profiles guarantee the maximum resistance to atmospheric agents. • Working strokes available from 250 to 390 mm, to satisfy the various installation requirements. • Hydraulic pump flow rate from 1 l/min to 0.75 l/min. Hydraulic slow-down function on closing on the Hydro  HD 35.45.50 rams.

The brass by-pass valves allow millimetreprecise regulation of the force to ensure maximum safety against crushing. Innovative biodegradable oil with a high viscosity index allows the improvement of performance at low temperatures, combining the needs of technology with full respect for the environment.

D18 - for a gate leaf up to 1.8m
HD25 - for a gate leaf up to 2.5m
HD30 - for a gate leaf up to 3.0m
HD35 - for a gate leaf up to 3.5m
HD40 - for a gate leaf up to 4.0m
HD45 - for a gate leaf up to 4.5m
HD50 - for a gate leaf up to 5.0m

Kit List
2 x HYDRO Post Mounted Rams
1 x BRAINY Control Panel
1 x PUPILLA Photocells
1 x AW 433.92Mhz Long Range Aerial
2 x TO.G02WV 2 Button Transmitters

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