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I.O Colour Remotes

I.O Colour Remotes

Regular price £199.00

The Beninca I.O colour remote is a set of two-button remotes that can be utilized as replacement remote for a wide range of Beninca remote controls. It has a two-button usability that can easily operate Beninca gate automation systems, particularly those that use the 433Mhz frequency. This includes the following Beninca receivers:

  • RR.1WIV
  • RR.1WBV
  • RR.12WIV
  • RR.2WBV
  • RR.4WBV
  • RR.4WBV24
  • Cupido 2
  • TOGO 2
  • TWV2
  • Lot1 WCV
  • Lot2 WCV
  • Lot2WCVM

The unit can be readily programmed through an existing remote or via the control board in less than 30 seconds.

Signature Features:

  • Two-Channel Rolling Code Transmitter
  • Small, Portable Size
  • Available in Multicolor Set or Grey Version


Colour of Remotes: Blue, Yellow, Black, Orange, Violet, and Green (also available in grey)

Colour of Buttons: White
Frequency: 433.92MHz

Number of Buttons: 2

Coding: Rolling Code

Type of Programming: Programming with the Receiver

Number of Switches: 0

Power Supply: 3V DC

Type of Battery: CR2025

Operating Temperature: -20 °C to +55 °C

Range: from 100 metres to 200 metres in outdoor setting; up to 35 metres in indoor setting

Dimensions (H x W x D, mm): 55 x 30 x 11

Weight (g): 20

The Beninca I.O Pack of Ten Multi-Colour (2 of each color) is now available for only £202.30 while the Pack of Ten Grey Version retails for £199.00.