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Loop Detector

Loop Detector

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The Beninca Loop Detector is a safety device added to any automated gate or barrier systems. It has an 11 pin detection relay that can switch from detect to un-detect. The relays are switched when a vehicle pass over the loop detector and this device can be used as a free entry, free exit and safety function.

The Loop Detector is connected to an inductive loop inserted in the road surface. Induction loops works with the principle of magnetic detection from the mass of a moving vehicle. Installation of an inductive loop shall have an approximate depth of 50mm x 6mm slot in the road in a rectangular shape with a feeder slot cut back to the control panel or controller. The slots should be backfilled with hot meld road tar or any appropriate sealant, once the cables have been laid and pushed down.


  • Power Supply: LD200 200-260VAC 50Hz 1.5VA
  •   LD201 100-120VAC 60Hz 1.5VA

      LD202 11-26VAC/DC 50-60Hz 95mA max

  • Presence Relay Mode: 0.5A/220VAC (Fail Safe – normally energized)
  • Pulse Relay Mode: 0.5A/220VAC(Non Fail Safe–normally denergised)  
  • Response Time: Approximately 120ms after vehicle enters loop.
  • Indicators: LED indicators show: Power, Detect state and Loop Fault.
  • Detector tuning range:  15 - 1500uH
  • Loop Frequency: Approx. 23 – 130 KHz (Multiplexing)
  • Environmental tracking: Automatic Compensation
  • Protection: Loop isolation transformer with zener diodes and gas discharge tube.
  • Connector: 11 Pin Connector on rear of unit.
  • Dimensions: 80mm (height) X 40mm (width) X 79mm (Depth excl. connector).
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +80°C
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C