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Hydraulic Underground Operator

Subway has arrived, the new underground oleodynamic motor for residential or apartment block swing gates. Subway is available in several versions, for gates up to 2.5 m, a version with stops, and a two-way version for gates up to 5 m (max. weight 800 kg) open-close stops, with hydraulic slowdown both for opening and closing. The one-way version will feature a robust lever with personalised key for external unlocking.

Maximum safety is guaranteed by a compact monoblock, designed so that all connections are internal thereby reducing the risk of oil leaks.Single version for right and left leaf, thanks to two types of release, with lever and with customised key, located under the gate, and one internal safety release.Anti-crushing safety system with by-pass valves.

SB.25AC - for a gate leaf up to 2.5m
SB.35AC - for a gate leaf up to 3.5m
SB.50 - for a gate leaf up to 5.0m

Kit List
2 x SUBWAY Underground Operators
2 x Foundation Boxes
2 x Manual Release Mechanism
1 x BRAINY Control panel
1 x PUPILLA Photocells
1 x AW 433.92Mhz Long Range Aerial
2 x TO.GO2WV 2 Button Transmitters


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