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TO.GO2WV Remote
Beninca UK

TO.GO2WV Remote

Sale price £19.75 Regular price £25.50

The TO.GO2WV remote is one of Beninca UK’s sought after rolling code transmitter. It is available in two or four channels using the 433.92 MHz and 868 MHz frequency.  This particular product gives its owners flexibility with its compact design. It can be simply left in the car or placed in your key ring, which you can bring anywhere.

It has undergone major upgrades including the inclusion of an Advanced Rolling Code (ARC) encoding  that allows functionality, reliability, and simplicity.

The product is available in three different colours to aesthetically differentiate the different ARC encoding systems including:

  • Advanced Rolling Code (TO.GO_A)
  • Double ENcoding Advanced Rolling Code and Rolling Code (TO.GO_VA)
  • Double Encoding Advanced Rolling Code and Fixed Code (TO.GO_AK)

The TO.GO2WV remote is also available in serialised versions - TO.GO2WVS and TO.GOWVS, which are ideal for multiple insertions. It is compatible for use for the following transmitters:

  • TO.GO4WV
  • T2WV
  • T4WV
  • Cupido-2
  • Cupido-4
  • Beninca IO.2WV


Frequency: 433.92 MHz

Code: Advanced Rolling Code

Number of Channels: 2 and 4

Power Supply: 1 x 12V LR23AE Battery

Range: over 150 metres in open area

Weight (kg): 0.02

Beninca TO.GO2WV Two-Channel and Four-Channel Remote now sells for £19.75 from a previous retail price of £25.50.