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Wireless Intercom

Wireless Intercom

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The Beninca Daitem SC902AU wireless intercom offers great comfort and usability. It allows users to directly speak to a visitor without any messy cables running into the house. The sleek looking wireless intercom can grant visitors access to the house or establishment by just a press on the handset button, which will open gates or barriers that are from 40 metres to 400 metres away.

The units are very user friendly and can be easily installed. The wireless intercom with a built-in keypad can grant access by entering a 4- or 6-digit code onto the code pad. It comes with a digital handset with a large and clear LCD screen for easy operability.

The door system comes with:

  • Low Voltage Powered Controller Unit
  • Two-Button Caller Unit with Integrated Keypad and Proximity Reader
  • Anti-Vandal Cover
  • Two SC100AU Rechargeable Handsets with Mains Powered Charging Base
  • The Call Station is comprised of the following:
  • Externally Powered Controller (12 to 24Vac A7901 Transformer ort 12 to 30Vdc Rechargeable Battery)
  • Two-Button Translucent Backlit External Caller Unit with Keypad and Built-In Proximity Tag Reader (with TAGID Proximity Card)

The kit is convertible to two-dwelling by using a DB722 anti-vandal faceplate and additional handsets. It can control up to 4 entryways with 4 handsets each entrance.