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Choosing The Right Gate Automation System For You

Automated gate systems was once a luxury often seen in huge estates and private mansions. Through the years, these automated gates have become a necessity. For those who put their families' safety and privacy above all, these gates became a must-have.

It is an effective means of protecting your family and property. For this reason that you should choose the right gate automation system for your needs.

What are the factors that you should consider before installing one? Should you get a swing gate or sliding gate?

Here is a list of the things you should consider in choosing the right gate automation system for you:

1. Power Supply

Automated gate systems need power supply to become fully operational. You should know the correct voltage needed to make your gates work 100%. You can also choose to install a gate that has a power supply, solar panels, and battery packs. This will guarantee that your gate will work even during power failures.

2. Type of Gate

You should also note the gate type suitable for your driveway. The choice usually depends on your driveway or entrance you have at your home or office. Do you have a sloping driveway? If so, it is best to get a sliding gate since it does not take up too much space as what a swing gate would. Sliding gates will also give you full access to your driveway while still offering the highest level of security.

3. Your Lifestyle

Of course, choosing the right system would depend on your needs and your lifestyle. If you are thinking more of your privacy, you should go for a solid gate. But, if you are veering towards the aesthetics, opt for a decorative gate. Whatever gate style you choose, there is a specific automation system to provide you with a hassle-free entrance to your property.

4. Access Control Systems

The type of control system is crucial in having an automated gate system. Different systems offer both advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of. For instance, hydraulic systems are quieter, offer better wind resistance, and have longer lifespan than electromechanical systems. They are, however, much more expensive.

5. Safety and Reliability

In any installation, one should prioritise is the system's safety and reliability. Consider gate systems that have battery packs or solar panels so they would still be functional in case of a power failure. You should also go for systems that come with loop detectors or safety beams that can detect obstructions to prevent crushing and avoid injury.

Whatever gate automation system you choose to install in your property, you should make sure that you are comfortable using and operating it. You must also source these systems and its accessories from reliable suppliers.

If you need more assistance with choosing the right gate automation system, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team by phone, chat or email.

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