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Swing Gates vs Sliding Gates: Which Is Better?

Do you slide or do you swing? These types of automatic gate systems offer an ideal means of protecting your family and/or property. Before you choose the best system for you, it would be best to look at the advantages of both systems.

Swing Gates Advantages

Swing gates are a great option for those looking for cost-effective security. Installing swing gates are less expensive since they do not need much maintenance and repair. They have lesser moving parts -  lesser chance for wear and tear.

If you are also concerned about the noise, swing gates are much quieter that sliding gates during operation. Swing gates are also the better choice if you are after the aesthetic appeal of your gates.

Aside from those mentioned above, swing gates:

  • only need a pair of hinges for it to open and close
  • do not need to dig the driveway for its concrete footing
  • do not require side room where the gates can slide back
  • have gate motors or operators can be placed on existing swing gates
  • have the option for low voltage gate operators

Sliding Gates Advantages

Many residential property owners tend to choose swing gates over sliding gates. However, the use of swing gates is not always possible. For instance, an existing structure or landscaping is present and blocks the arc of the gate or when your driveway has a steep upward slope.

Sliding gates are ideal to install in commercial properties where larger gates and driveways are. Here are some more things to consider for sliding gates. They:

  • do not take up much room on the driveway like swing gates
  • can be installed on sloping driveways
  • are more secure
  • need only one gate operator motor, most of the time
  • are unaffected by wind load

Choosing the right automatic gate system is tricky. Ultimately, it all depends on your needs, your budget, and what is ideal for your home set-up.

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