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Should You Choose an Underground Automatic Gate System?

To protect loved ones and their property, many choose to install a gate. For added security and convenience, many individuals choose to have automatic gates that allow them to control it remotely. Since a number of automatic gate systems are available in the market today, choosing the correct one for you can be a bit confusing and daunting.

Underground gate systems provide a one-of-a-kind style - allowing users to have a functional and aesthetically pleasing gate.

How does it work?

An underground gate automation system works by having a motor installed underground - within a  special foundation box, made up of stainless or galvanized steel. This box is usually placed under the end of the gate leaf. This box is hinged to the gate leaf through a mounting component.

What makes it a better choice?

When you choose to install an underground gate system, you will realise that it has many applications.

  • Easy to Install. Installation on areas with existing structures (e.g. walls, posts, etc). Most of the time, no modifications on the area are necessary.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing. If you are looking to preserve the original look of your gate, an underground gate system is your best choice. When installed, the only visible part of the motor is the hinge, which can come in different styles. This will allow you to keep the harmony of the architectural details.
  • Durable. Underground motors from reliable suppliers and manufacturers can last for decades. They hardly break down and only needs annual check-up and maintenance.
  • Hassle-Free Servicing. In case a malfunction should happen, underground motors are easy to dismantle. It does not need the removal of the entire gate to get the motor from the foundation box.

In choosing a gate system to install, you should consider your personal preference, price, availability in the market, and reliability of the supplier and installer.

Should you want to learn more about technical specifications and price of our underground motors, head on to our product page.

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