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The Pros and Cons of Installing an Automatic Gate

A growing trend in both residential properties and commercial offices is the installation of automatic gates. Would you join the bandwagon and have one as well? Before you do just that, let us help you look at what you are about to get out of it and the possible concerns you might need to address.

Pros of Automatic Gates

Security is probably the top reason why you would want to install an automatic gate. These gates has security codes programmed to help control access to a home or office. It will give you a feeling of protection. With an automatic gate in place, you know that your loved ones, your home, or your office is safe from intruders. You can also have the benefit of knowing and monitoring you enters and exits your home and/or office.

Ease of Access is also a good advantage of automatic gates. You don’t have to undergo the hassle of going out of your vehicle just to open the gate. You also never have to bother your family to open the gate for you. This also proves to be useful during extreme weather conditions. You simply open your gate with a push of a button even when you are about 20-30 metres away from it. You can even have multiple remotes for the gates if you have more than one car.

Durability is never an issue about automatic gates. Almost all of the manufactured automatic gates are made of customizable and durable materials that are designed to withstand harsh environments. Some of the gates can even have a maglock installed for additional security. These maglocks can accommodate a power of more than 500 kgs, making it harder to drive the entryway open.

Provided that your automatic gate is installed properly and has original parts and accessories, they can be considered as great investments. Properties with automatic gates make properties have greater resale value.

Cons of Automatic Gates

Automatic gates can be quite pricey. Average consumers or business owners may find that installing an automatic gate can take a great chunk of their budget. Some sophisticated automatic gate systems can get set you back to at least £1,500. You just have to think of it as a long-term investment.

Poorly installed or substandard automatic gates can cause physical damage to person and property. This should not concern you as much as most automatic gates such as Beninca swing gates are equipped with an amperometric sensor obstacle detection system that prevents crushing during its operation.

Power outages are also one of the concerns for those who have automatic gates. This can, however, be resolved by availing of backup power supplies. Many of the automatic gates can work with a battery pack or a solar panel to ensure that the automatic gate will still be functional in case of power failure.

Should you decide on getting an automatic gate installed in your property, always make sure that you source them from a reliable company known to have strong customer service even after installation.

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