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Secure Your Office With Electromagnetic Access Control System

Offices need protection from burglars and suspicious visitors. Aside from installing exterior locks, your office should also have an access control system inside. There are instances when you will need to install access control systems on your office doors so only authorised employees can gain entry on specific departments within your building.

These office door access control systems do not only provide security and protection but also a hassle-free office management. You never have to worry about replacing lost keys, securing old keys from dismissed or resigned employees, or think about who among your employees accessed a particular office at a given time.

Electromagnetic Locks

A good choice for an access control system inside an office are electromagnetic locks. They use an electromagnetism to lock an entryway. It should be properly installed with the armature plate and lock at the right place and the load and holding power collinear to ensure smooth operation.

Operating the electromagnetic locks exploits the science of electromagnetism. The lock has two parts - the curl of wire and the armature plate. It works when an current passes through the curl and undergoes polarisation that pulls on the armature plate and subsequently close the entrance.

Most of the electromagnetic locks have either a fail-safe mode and a fail-secure mode. In case of power loss, the lock remains freed in fail-safe mode to ensure the safety of its users. On the other hand, the fail-secure mode keeps the door locked to ensure protection of property.

Why use electromagnetic locks as access control system? What advantages would you derive from this?

These types of locks is the best way to control access to offices. This helps prevent unauthorised employees to gain access to your offices where they should not be privy to. You can also easily monitor employees who access your office through a software.

Maglocks are also easy to control. Compared to traditional locks, magnetic locks or maglocks can be rapidly opened when the force is cut. They are also durable. Most traditional locks will give way when opened with crowbars. Maglocks will receive lesser impacts from several blows.

When you look at the long-term benefit of electromagnetic locks as an access control system for your office, you will realize that it is a worthy investment.

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