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Control Your Security with Beninca Transmitters

Installing automatic gates afford so much convenience for its users that a good number of homeowners and businessmen consider it a necessity. Still, automatic gates and its reliability as a security feature of a property depends on the quality of its parts and accessories.

An important accessory of an automatic gate is its transmitters. Beninca UK, one of the trusted suppliers of gate automation systems have a wide collection of transmitters that make life (of automatic gate owners) a lot easier.

Many of the Beninca transmitters serve as universal gate remotes that can give you instant access to your property. These are convenient to use whether for residential, business, or commercial gates. You can gain easy and quick entry without having to input your code on a number pad. You just have to make sure that the remote is within range and you can already automatically open your gate. Remote controls by Beninca can work with both sliding or swing gates.

The benefits of getting yourself a Beninca transmitter is incomparable. For one, you have the liberty to choose from a wide range of products that would suit your needs. Transmitters come with either a fixed code or a rolling code. The older technology of fixed code uses dip-switches while the advanced technology of rolling codes allows efficient gate control, which can be used in keyless entry systems.

Since it only uses a single code, fixed code transmitters are not widely used today. Using only one code every operation allows unauthorised users to open the gates as long as they have a remote that uses the same frequency. The rolling code, what most Beninca transmitters have, always send out a different code so it is a lot more secure.

Beninca’s Apple 2 Remote is a two-channel transmitter incorporated with a self-learning rolling code. It can have more than 18 billion code combinations. The good thing about Beninca’s transmitters is its compatibility with the other remote controls and transmitters offered by the manufacturer. This allows each user to choose a stylish or playful transmitter of their own.

The use of transmitters to operate your automatic gates is a convenient way of securing your property. Should you want to explore our collection of remote control and transmitters, head on to our product page.

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